Batman and Robin


New troubles have arisen in Gotham City. First, there's a new super villain in town: Mr. Freeze(Arnold Schwarzenegger), a former doctor whose blood is laced with cryogenic liquid, causing him to be cold in look and feeling, who plans to freeze Gotham until he gets the money needed to finish finding the cure for a mysterious disease that has stricken his wife. Second, Poison Ivy(Uma Thurman), a villainess with luscious lips full of venom, has arrived in Gotham with her hulking servant, Bane, with plans to team up with Freeze and prepare the way for genetically enhanced plants. Third, Ivy has caused a rift between the partnership of the Dark Knight(George Clooney) and the Boy Wonder(Chris O'Donnell). And finally, Alfred(Michael Gough), Batman's trusted butler, has developed the same disease that Freeze's wife has. It is in this time of need that a new partner, Batgirl(Alicia Silverstone), steps forward to help the two rid the city of evil once more.