Hard to Kill


Mason Storm is honest and honorable cop. He videotaped a mobster being contracted by someone to kill someone. While Storm was not able to get a clear shot of the other man, Storm recognizes the voice but just couldn't make it. He then calls his partner and tells him about it. Some of the others cops overhear the conversation, and before you know it both men are gunned down in their homes, and drugs are planted. At the hospital, O'Malley an internal affairs cop and friend of Storm, who doesn't believe he's guilty has been assigned the case by the Chief. At first, he and everyone there are told that Storm died and after everybody leaves, another doctor comes out to tell him that Storm is still alive. O'Malley then arranges for Storm to be placed in a coma center under a different name. Seven years go by and Storm wakes up, when one of the staff calls the number on his record looking for O'Malley, someone goes to the hospital and tries to kill Storm but Storm with the help of Andy Stewart escapes. Storm readies himself to go after the men who are trying to kill him.