Billy the kid - Panhandle Trail


Escaping from a U.S. Marshal, Billy the Kid and Fuzzy Jones ride into the apparently-abandoned town of Laramy. Dalton Sykes, former sheriff of the town, searches for a vein of gold which had been discovered by rancher Frank Kincaid years ago and the reason he had been killed by Syke's henchmen, led by "Trigger" Larson. Kincaid's son and daughter, who have been away at school back east and haven't seen or heard from here in years, are rescued by Billy and Fuzzy as they are being chased by Syke's henchies. They ride to the Kincaid ranch, where they are once again attacked by the gang. A violin is broken in the brawl and Billy discovers a map to the gold mine had been hidden in it. While Billy's attentions are directed elsewhere, Sykes comes to the ranch and tells Martha that Kincaid had died when she and her brother were kids and had left them in guardianship, and he had sent them back east for schooling. Martha buys all this and then tells Sykes about the discovery of the map to the gold mine. This leads to several complications for Bill and Fuzzy.