The Constant Woman


The manager of a traveling group of actors, Walt Underwood, is married to Marlene, his beautiful star actress. The two have a teenage son named Jimmie. When Marlene receives a telegram from an old friend offering her a role on Broadway, she talks Walt into letting her go with ease. She's not only a good actress, but a cunning manipulator, too and it's more than just an acting part that's drawing her to New York.
A few weeks later, Walt and Jimmie decide to go visit, only to discover that one of the hotel rooms caught on fire when a patron left a cigarette lit and fell asleep. It was a male patron, who happened to be sharing a hotel room with Marlene. Walt also soon learns from some discarded letters that Jimmie ain't exactly his son. Heart Broken Walt is comforted by Lou bt Jimmy mistakes her to be his father's new flame, runs away from home. And more drama begins.