The Fan


Gil Renard is a salesman in the knife business and is also completely obsessed with the game of baseball. Because he is from San Francisco he is a fan of the Giants, by the beginning of the season the Giants have signed all-star center-fielder Bobby Rayburn to a 40 Million dollar contract. But, things do not go well for both Gil and Rayburn. Rayburn is slumping and Gil loses his job and eventually his wife and son. However after Gil loses his job and his family, he goes deeper into his obsession with Rayburn and takes matters into his own hands. He believes that Rayburn is slumping because of another Giants player named Juan Primo who is playing well. SO Gil secretly helps him out. But when Gil feels that Rayburn is ungrateful, Gil kidnaps his son, Sean. Now, Rayburn must perform at his best at the last game of the season in order to save his son.