Ambush Valley


Utilizing a plot used previously by Buck Jones (twice), Ken Maynard and a year earlier at Reliable by Tom Tyler, and later at Columbia with Charles Starrett, this cattlemen vs. nesters version finds Marshal Bob Banning trying to explain to Lem Morgan, the father of Bob's sweetheart Ann, that the incoming homesteaders have a right to occupy government land, but the old man denounces him and swears he will kill any nesters who invade his grazing lands. In a drunken fight, Morgan's son Clay kills Joel Potter and Bob is forced to arrest him. In a battle with Morgan and his hands, Bob is wounded and Ann, going to his aid, is captured by the Potters and held hostage for her brother. Bob tries to persuade Clay to give himself up for his sister's sake, but Bob is held prisoner while the Morgan men ride to rescue Ann. Bob overcomes Clay and takes him to the confrontation scene, where Clay is accidentally shot by his own father.