Teenage Devil Dolls


Cassandra Leigh, a product of a broken home, joins a motorcycle gang, and, in order to be accepted, she adopts their habit of smoking marijuana cigarettes. She breaks with the gang and marries her childhood sweetheart, but is unhappy and resumes her associate to the gang and marijuana smoking. The leads her to stronger drugs and she obtains sleeping barbiturates. Her husband finds her in a dazed state and, as he calls a doctor, Cassandra attempts to drive away in a car and crashes it. After a brief hospital stay, she is released to the custody of her mother and husband, and is sent to a convalescent home. She and another girl run away and start selling dope. A competitor grabs them and they work for him selling dope to teen-agers, and Cassandra is once again using drugs herself. The police close in and she and two Mexican boys steal a car and head for the Mexican border. A police road-block forces them to abandon the car and hide out in the desert. But when they begin to suffer from lack of narcotics, they gives themselves up to the police.