Can't Hardly Wait


Imagine you were waiting for four long years for your dream to be fullfilled. Imagine that the object of your dreams has always been occupied elsewhere. Now imagine that her friend just broke up with her... Preston is sure, his time finally has come! Everybody needs somebody. Everybody has somebody out there, waiting for them to meet. And for Preston it just has to be Amanda! Amanda Beckett, the girl of his dreams since freshman year in junior high. The sole woman he has been thinking about since she was seated next to him on her first day of highschool, since she grabbed the very same breakfeast pastry he was consuming at that moment. Tonight is the night he finally will have the chance to give her the letter he wrote after she hooked up with Dexter, the schools super sportster. The very same letter he revised over and over and over...for at least four billion times. Tonight is the night of the greatest party in town... The party of the century? For these five hundred kids certainly. Love/Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll together with some romance and adventure, philosophy and lifestyle; a memorable mixture. Couples split, lovers find lovers, friends remain and enemy become friends. And between all that Amanda receives her letter. But who is Preston? Could it be that guy she just sent to get a life? What ordeals do they have to pass before the night is over? And did Barry Manilow really sing about a girl named Mandy, or was it just his dog? In the end Love creates lovers and jerks, well, remain jerks and become loosers. A happy end, smutty only to rock-hard anti-romantics. Enjoy and stay young, but thoughtful.