The Big Bluff


Wealthy Valarie Bancroft recovers from a heart-attack and goes to California with her secretary, Marsha Jordan, who knows Valarie only has about a year to live. She comes under the care of Dr. Peter Kirk, who is attracted to Marsha. Valarie meets Rick DeVilla, who has an eye for women as well as for money. Rick is having an affair with Fritzi Darvel, who is very unhappy being married to Don Darvel. Rick marries Valarie, who is very happy but her husband only has plans for getting her money as soon as possible. Valarie's new-found happiness indicates she may live longer than expected so Rick hastens the process by shooting her. His alibi of spending the night with Fritzi is air-tight but is not needed as it turns out Valarie died of a heart-attack long before she was shot. He has gotten away with his non-killing murder. Maybe. The moral is that one shouldn't use another murder-victim as an alibi.