America's Sweethearts


Gwen(Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Eddie(John Cusack) were at one time Hollywood's premier couple on and off the screen. But during the filming of their latest movie, Gwen took up with a Latin guy she met on the set. She and Eddie have since split up. Now their movie is ready to be shown but the director will only first show it at the press junket. But the studio boss, concerned of what the movie will be, instructs Lee(Billy Crystal), his P.R. man to handle to junket and to try and distract the press from asking about the movie by making them think that Gwen and Eddie are back together. Only problem is that he just fired Lee, but after giving in to Lee's demands he agrees. Lee enlists the aid of Gwen's assistant, Kiki(Julia Roberts), who is her sister to help. When they get to the junket, things are still tense between them. And Kiki is trying hard to keep in check her feelings for Eddie.