The Words


In New York, the aspirant writer Rory Jansen has written a novel but the editors do not accept to publish it since the story is non-commercial. Rory lives with his girlfriend Dora in a loft and is financially supported by his father Mr. Jansen. When Mr. Jansen tells Rory that he will give no more money for him and that Rory should have a conventional job, he works as a clerk in a publishing house and soon he marries Dora. They travel on honeymoon to Paris and he buys an old briefcase in a jumble sale. When they return to New York, Rory finds the manuscript of a novel hidden in the briefcase and he becomes fascinated with the story and decides to send it to the editors. Soon the book becomes a best-seller and Rory becomes a successful and famous writer. One day, an old man meets him in Central Park and asks for an autograph in his book. When Rory is leaving the place, the old man asks him if he wouldn't like to listen to a story of a man that was stolen by a young man. Rory seats on the bench again and the old man tells a dramatic story of pain and loss to him.