Sex and Lucia


In Madrid of the present days, the waitress Luci-a leaves her job and goes to her apartment to meet her mate Lorenzo, who seems to be very depressed. When she arrives, she receives bad news about Lorenzo from the police. She moves alone to an isolated island, where she meets a stranger and lodges in a pension where he is living for the last months. The story shifts to six years ago, when Lorenzo and a woman, without knowing even the name of each other, have a magnificent sexual intercourse. The woman gets pregnant, and her daughter is raised with out a father. Meanwhile, Lorenzo is a writer that lost his creation skills and one night meets Lucia in a restaurant. She confesses to him that she is in love with him and has been stalking him for a long time. They fall in love for each other and Lucia moves to his apartment. Later, Lorenzo is informed by his friend Pepe that he has a daughter, and he meets her in a square, with her baby sitter. From this point on, Lorenzo mixes his reveries with reality.