Toll of the Desert


While heading west seeking a new home, the Collins family is attacked by Indians. While the frightened Tom Collins (Roger Williams) rides for help, his wife Mary (Ruth Findlay) hides their small son Billy (Billy Steven) in a trunk before she is killed. Jim Carson (Earl Dwire) comes upon the scene and takes the boy and adopts him as his own. Collins returns with help and unable to find his family, he is befriended by Teague (Ted Adams) and his band of outlaws. 17 years pass and Bill "Carson" is in love with Jean Streeter (Betty Mack), the sheriff's daughter. Sheriff Streeter (Edward Cassidy) wants Bill to become his deputy as the outlaws, now led by Collins, are becoming more savage and daring by the day. Bill is undecided until one evening during a birthday party given him by Dad Carson, the Collins gang enters the house and a henchman kills the only father he ever knew. Pursuing the gang, Bill is captured and when searching him Collins finds a locket which he recognizes as one his lost-son had carried.