A Night To Remember


It is 1912, and the White Star Line's new ship - the 'unsinkable' Titanic - is making its maiden voyage across the Atlantic from Southhampton to New York City. Unfortunately, the night of April 14-15, 1912 proves to be a night in which man's arrogant overconfidence in his technological creations was shaken to its core, as the legendary ship collides with an iceberg in the North Atlantic. The much-touted watertight compartment system that supposedly rendered it 'unsinkable' was never designed to cope with such extensive damage, and the Titanic is doomed. Focusing on the accounts of most of the real people who sailed on the ship, it centers largely on the experiences of the ship's 2nd officer, C.H. Lightholler. With these accounts come frightening revelations about the ship - not only are there way too few lifeboats, but people are loaded into them according to their class - First before Steerage. Based on the late Walter Lord's book of the same title.