Die Another Day


When seductive British secret agent James Bond 007(Pierce Brosnan) is sent to North Korea to infiltrate renegade military officer Colonel Moon(Will Yun Lee), the mission is sabotaged but Colonel Moon is killed and his second-in-command Zao(Rick Yune) is injured, but Bond is captured and is tortured and interrogated. 14 months later, Bond is released and traded for Zao, and Bond's boss M(Judi Dench), rescinds his 007 status. 007 sets out to get his revenge on those who set him up. Where he tracks down Zao in Cuba and finds him in a genetic operation to give him a new identity. Bond finds diamonds on Zao which leads him to British billionaire Gustav Graves(Toby Stephens), who has set-up Icarus, a orbit satellite which will provide light and energy to the Earth. With help from sexy American secret agent Jinx(Halle Berry) and Grave's publicist, undercover M:I-6 agent Miranda Frost, Bond sets out to stop Graves who is working with Zao and plans on using Icarus as a weapon and unleash destruction