Song of Arizona


"Gabby" Whittaker is the owner of Half-Chance Ranch, which he operates as a refuge for homeless boys. His pal Roy Rogers returns to the ranch to find that the virulent town banker, Dolly Finucci, is about to foreclose on the financially-strapped ranch within a week. One of the boys, Chip Blaine, mistakenly idolizes his father, notorious bank robber King Blaine, currently hunted in the local area, who has been mailing Chip mysterious packages which Chip hides in the barn. Blaine's gang is tracked down by a posse and Blaine is fatally wounded. He wills his money and possessions to Chip and Chip's half-sister, Claire Summers, a club entertainer in Kansas City. Concealing the news of Blaine's death from Chip, Roy and "Gabby" go to Kansas City and persuade Claire to return to the ranch to see Chip. Meanwhile, Blaine's former henchmen, Bart and Tom, visit Chip at the ranch and tell him that "Gabby" has killed his father and that they want their share of the money Blaine had sent to him.