New York, I Love You


Diamond merchant Mansukhbhai, the father of Vinesh and Paresh, a Gujarati-Jain, who abstains from meat, onions, garlic, seafood, potatoes, and everything with roots, attempts to negotiate a deal with a Hasidic woman, Rifka, who has just shaved her head in order to get married. He recalls his life with his wife, who left him to live a simple non-materialistic life, seeking alms in India, while he dreams of marrying Rifka; Abe and Mitzie take a walk on their 63rd wedding anniversary; Ben, a thief, attempts to befriend a woman, Molly, but must content with her boyfriend, Garry; A writer tries to woo a woman but finds she is a hooker; A boy takes a wheel-chair bound girl as his prom-date; Nanny Dante takes Taya to the park; An artiste wants to draw a portrait of a woman who works in a Chinese herbal store. Just some of the stories depicting residents of New York from all walks of life.