High Powered


Marian and Cassie are running a small lunch establishment in their trailer. When they move the trailer from Los Angeles to the building site outside San Francisco, they pick up a hitchhiker named Tim along the road wh takes instant liking for Marian.
Tim is working at a Construction site but has a vertigo as once he fell down from height when some other worker pulled him along with him and died. Here, couple of incidents of small misunderstanding between workers happens but Tim survives. Bill, brother of that dead worker always blames Tim for the death of his brother, so keeps on fighting with him. Once, in a ball Bill overhears Marian when she explains she is only daring Tim out of pity and Bill makes mockery of Tim. Great fight is ensured with almost all worker joining them. They got arrested.
Rod, owner of Construction site, finally decides to bail out Tim but he has escaped in search of another work. An accident happens at consruction site and Rod is trapped. To save him Tim must overcome his vertigo problem, will he?