Stuck on You


Thirty-two year olds Bob Tenor and Walt Tenor are twin brothers, conjoined at the hip. Beyond a shared liver which is "owned" primarily by Bob, each brother has his own complete set of body parts. Because of the liver issue, Bob, despite no danger to himself, made the decision early in their lives that they would not be separated because of the risk to Walt. Much of what they do is done symbiotically together, such as in their work as short order cooks at their own burger joint. But each has his own distinct personality and interests. Bob is the athletic introvert. Walt is the extroverted ladies' man. Part of Walt's outgoing personality is manifested in his love of acting. For the past nine years, Walt has starred in his own productions of one-man stage plays to great aplomb. The brothers support the other's individual interests, and they vow never to stand in the way of the other's dreams. Walt makes a request of Bob, who reluctantly agrees: that they move from the comfort and security of their Martha's Vineyard life to Hollywood so that Walt can pursue a movie acting career. Walt believes this move would also be good for Bob so that he can be close to his Internet girlfriend of three years, May Fong, who Bob has not yet met in person. Walt also hopes that this move will bring Bob out of his shell. In Hollywood, they are befriended and assisted by "tell it like it is" aspiring actress April Mercedes, and unmotivated aspiring screenwriter Moe Neary. Despite some early bumps with their less than scrupulous agent Mort O'Reilly, the brothers' live change after a chance meeting with Cher. Ultimately, the brothers have to figure out how best to fulfill their individual personal dreams, without sacrificing that of the other.