101 Dalmatians


Pongo(Rod Taylor) is a male Dalmatian living in London with his master, Roger(Ben Wright), a bachelor songwriter who has yet to sell his first tune. Bored with their single existence, Pongo arranges for Roger to meet Anita(Lisa Davis), a pretty young woman who just happens to have a female Dalmatian named Perdita(Cate Bauer). It is not long before love blossoms all around and a double wedding takes place. A few months later, Perdita gives birth to 15 puppies, much to the delight of Cruella De Vil(Betty Lou Gerson), a wealthy, wicked former schoolmate of Anita's whose burning passion is to own a coat made of Dalmatian pelts. When she is unable to purchase the puppies, she has them "dognapped" and brought to her crumbling estate in the country, where 84 other Dalmatians are also being held captive. All attempts by the police to find the missing pups fail, and the desperate Pongo and Perdita appeal to the dogs of London, via the "twilight bark." Led by The Colonel(J. Pat O'Malley), an indomitable shaggy dog and a cat named Sergeant Tibbs(David Frankham), all dogdom comes to the rescue and, aided by geese, cows, and horses, tracks down the missing puppies.