Phantom Patrol


With US G-Men hot on their trail, gangsters "Dapper Dan" Geary and Jo-Jo Regan escape into the Elks River Forest Preserve in northwest Canada, where another criminal, "Frenchie" Le Farge is doing his scene and scenery-chewing best to become Canada's top public enemy. At the Elks River Barricks, RCMP Sergeant Jim McGregor renews his friendship with Doris McCloud, the daughter of his superior office Inspector McCloud. Doris is invited to meet the noted American author Stephen Norris, but it is not Norris who occupies the lonely cabin in the forest, but "Dapper Dan" who, with a false beard, is an exact double of the writer, and he and Jo-Jo are holding the real Norris prisoner. The American gangsters team up with Le Farge, an old cell mate of Jo-Jo's. Dan hires Doris as a stenographer and moves his operation into the Inn as a plan to get next to something interesting, other than Doris. He learns that Jim is to meet a lumber company paymaster and escort him and a $5,000 payroll to the mill. Le Farge decides to steal the payroll on his own but Jim outwits him. That night, the Inn throws a grand ball masque and even Le Farge and his henchies show up disguised as Mexican bandits. Jim has lifted some fingerprints from a glass held by Geary and the net begins to tighten on the gangsters and outlaws.