Miss Julie


Miss Julie is set on the estate of a wealthy Swedish family in 1894. On Midsummer's Eve, the servants and the local peasants have gathered for their traditional celebration, while one of the household cooks, Christine (Maria Doyle Kennedy), is waiting for her fianc?, a footman named Jean (Peter Mullan). However, Jean is intercepted by Miss Julie (Saffron Burrows), whose family owns the estate (and pays Jean's salary). Miss Julie has recently broken her engagement to her wealthy fianc?; her father was relying on the new groom to rescue the family from their financial troubles. With her father out of town, Miss Julie and her best friend throw a party for their friends; She instructs Jean to change into a formal suit (which Miss Julie has borrowed from her father) and dance with her. Jean has little choice but to accept, and he finds himself slipping into an affair that both questions and affirms the traditional relationship between mistress and servant.