The Animal Kingdom


After returning home to New York City from a trip taken to hone her craft, aspiring artist Daisy Sage finally agrees to marry her best friend, book publisher Tom Collier, who publishes books he feels have integrity regardless of the fact that they make no money. However, while she was away, Tom, who believed their relationship was destined to be only as platonic best friends because of Daisy's continual refusals, ended up meeting and falling in love with Cecelia Henry, to who he is instead getting married. Tom does not want to give up his friendship with Daisy, which he believes transcends convention. Daisy is uncertain if they can remain friends or if Cecelia would like it. What little he knows about Tom's life, Tom's wealthy father, Rufus Collier, doesn't truly understand or like, but believes refined Cee, as all that know her refer to Cecelia, will be a good influence on Tom. Conversely, Tom doesn't much like what his father represents. Several months later after Tom and Cee have settled into married life... Tom doesn't much like Cee's pretentious friends. In turn, they no longer associate with Tom's bohemian friends, except Tom's butler, "Red" Regan, a former prize fighter who Tom hired despite he being a little rough around the edges to be a butler. Cee and Red have an unspoken dislike for each other. Daisy, on the most part, has stayed out of their lives as she still loves Tom. Tom, largely in order to please Cee, is now publishing dime store novels, which he doesn't like but which make money. Cee, in turn, uses her coy sexuality to get Tom to do what she wants. What little Tom's friends know about his current life they don't much like as they feel he has lost his integrity, all of Cee's doing. The question becomes if Tom has or will come to the same conclusion and if he does what he will do about it.