The Wolverine


Logan has become a hermit, living in the woods alone and haunted by nightmares with Jean Grey. One day, the Japanese girl Yukio, who is skilled with a samurai sword, visits Logan and tells that her grandfather, the powerful businessman Yashida, is dying and wants to see him for the last time before dying. Yashida was a Japanese soldier that Logan saved the life of in Nagasaki in the World War II. Logan travels Japan with Yukio and the moribund Yashida offers mortality to Logan, transferring his gift to him, but Logan does not accept the offer. While sleeping, Logan has a weird dream with Yashida's doctor Viper and soon Yashida dies. Logan stays for the funeral and the Yakuza tries to abduct Yashida's granddaughter Mariko during the ceremony. Logan saves and flees with Mariko, but he is shot and does not heel the wounds. Logan protects Mariko and tries to find what has happened to him.