Outlaws of Boulder Pass


In the 11th of 16 films in PRC's "Lone Rider" series, Tom Cameron/The Lone Rider and Fuzzy Jones rescue a wounded man from a gang of outlaws and discover he is their old friend Smoky Hammer, half-owner of the B-X Ranch whom they are on the way to meet. Smoky's father was murdered years before, leaving a daughter Tess, who has been raised by ranch foreman Sid Clayton as his own daughter. Smoky, who has not been back in years, decides to play dead from the attack, in order to discover what is in back of the attack. The B-X Ranch charges toll for the cattle that pass through on the way to the free-grazing ranch land, and this has caused expense and hardship on the ranchers. Tess objects to this unreasonable toll but can not get a satisfactory answer from her, she thinks, father. Gil Harkness, working with Clayton, thinks he has killed Smoky and now plans on getting rid of Tess so they can have clear title to the B-X. Tom rescues Tess from an attempt on her life and, as a reward, she puts Tom and Fuzzy to work on the ranch, over Clayton's objections. The toll fee is raised even higher but Tom and Smoky, in disguise, rob the toll takers and return the money to the ranchers. Tom tells Tess that Smoky is her real brother but is overheard by Jake, a henchman for Harkness working on the ranch, and he informs Harkness that Smoky is still alive. Tom and Smoky continue to hijack the toll money to return to the ranchers, but are tricked when Harkness runs some of his own cattle through the toll gate, and realizes it is Tom working for the ranchers when the money is returned to him. Tom is then arrested by the sheriff.