In Chicago, Dorothy Bryant and her Melody Maids - Wanda, the guitarist, trumpet player Jackie, Babe, the clarinet player - are in rehearsal for a show that has to suspend for lack of cash. Dorothy has inherited a ranch in Utah, which she has never seen,but she decides to sell to raise money for the show, and she and the girls and Stella Mason, the wardrobe woman head west. Roy Rogers has been managing the Bax X for Dorothy, with the Sons of the Pioneers as ranchhands, and the well-equipped, profitable Bar X is a far cry from the rundown, rocky ranch that adjoins it that belongs to Roy's friend Gabby Whittaker. Cattle broker Ben Bowman approaches Roy with a proposition to fleece Dorothy and split the profits, and Roy has a fight with Bowman and his henchman Steve Lacey. When the girls arrive, Roy is dismayed to learn that Dorothy intends to sell the ranch, and to restrain her from such a foolish action as getting rid of a profitable ranch, he and Gabby and the Pioneers trick her into believing that Gabby's run-down spread is the Bar X. When Bowman and Lacey learn of Roy's ruse, they use it to their own advantage. While Roy and the others are arranging a welcome for Dorothy at the real Bar X, she, still thinking Gabby's ranch is the one she owns, sells out to Bowman at a price far below the value of the Bar X, and she and the girls depart for Chicago. Roy and his men follow and the semi-ending is a fight in the Chicago stockyards involving them and the swindlers who have shipped Dorothy's cattle there for sale.