Randy Bodek is a college sophomore who returns home for the summer and upon seeing his grades, his father asks if he should continue. Randy who feels that he is still looking for himself, tells him that things will change. But his father doesn't believe him, so he tells him that if he wants to continue going to college he has to pay it himself. So he goes to work at Senor Pizza and is not exactly raking in the bucks. However when an older woman Alex takes in an interest in him the next thing he knows he is her boy toy. Now she has made up a code which is a signal for them to meet, which is "extra anchovies". When he gets the signal he expects to see Alex but to his astonishment, it's a friend of hers who is a lonely wife. He decides to take care of her, and it isn't long before he is a legend and several women are calling him to service them. He also has to deal with their parents indifference towards him because they are under the mistaken impression that he is gay and they don't want to ask him if he is. But his erratic behavior leads them to think that he is. And he also has to deal with his girlfriend, Jenny, whom he hasn't told his parents of. She is upset that he doesn't tell his parents about her and is wondering why he is ignoring her.