127 Hours


On Friday night 25, April 2003, the engineer goes to the Blue John Canyon, Utah. And on Saturday morning explores the canyon on his bike. He considered the outdoors to be his second home. He over there meets two teenagers - Kristi and Megan who are lost. He helps them and they all have fun for a few hours in a lake. Then Aron continues alone. That day at the peak afternoon he and a boulder fall down in a canyon and his hand is wedged between the boulder and the canyon wall. He makes many tries to pull out his wedged hand and to move the boulder but is unsuccessful every time. He tries to call out for help many times. He spends 127 hours (more than 5 days) with his limited rations. He also tries to chip of the boulder so that he can free his hand but is again unsuccessful. He hopes for someone to rescue him. Those most likely candidates are Kristi and Megan, two women he met earlier that day who are the only two who know that he is in the canyon, or his boss Brion, who may list him as missing if he doesn't show up for his scheduled work time on Tuesday (three days away). He goes through many difficulties and deals with the extreme weather conditions. He spends his time trying to get his hand free and by making a goodbye message for his parents, especially his mom. at first he had lost all his hopes and had even engraved ARON RALSTON R.I.P 1975-2003 but in the end, left with no option, Aron gathers the courage to take extreme measures in order to survive.