The Lake House


Dr. Kate Forster works in a hospital in Chicago. She has had issues with relating to people in a deeply emotional level. Alex Wyler is a social developer and architect. At different times, they both lived in the same glass house on a lake built by Alex's father. The two begin a correspondence purely on chance when Kate leaves a note in the mailbox of the lake house asking for the new tenant to forward her mail to her new address in the city. Alex gets this message, however he gets it two years prior when he himself lived in the lake house. When the two discover that they are indeed corresponding through time through the time warped mailbox, they learn more about each other. They manage to spend time together through common experiences two years apart. The more they correspond, the deeper the bond between the two. They end up falling in love. Kate has the benefit of being able to tell Alex of what happens in the future. Alex has the benefit of being able to experience things that Kate has experienced in the past. He even has a chance to meet her before she knew him. Kate devises a plan to meet in her present/Alex's future so that they can spend their life together at the same time. However much can happen to Alex between his present and Kate's present, two years in his future.