Big Show, The


Movie cowboy Tom Ford, star of Mammouth Film Productions, goes on vacation before Wilson, studio publicity man, can notify him that he is to make a personal appearance at the 1936 Texas Centennial celebration in Dallas. Unable to locate Ford,the desperate Wilson substitutes Fords exact-double and stunt man,Gene Autry. Gene goes along only to help Wilson out but wants to reveal his true identity throughout the hoax. Enroute to Dallas, Gene's car and trailer collide with the cattle truck of Marion Hill, turning lose a herd of steers she is hauling for show purposes. Gene unloads his horse Champion and rounds up the cattle. Gene, still posing as Ford and singing over the radio (although Ford is not a singer) is a sensation. Ford hears a broadcast and is peeved and threatens to sue the studio. Meanwhile, a group of blackmailers (in snappy-brim hats and double-breasted suits) demand $25,000 from the studio to keep quiet about hoax. Things work out okay after six or seven songs.