Yanks Are Coming


The plot is about Bob Reynolds (William Roberts), is not only a band singer but a major movie star who turns down a contract worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to enlist in the Army as a buck private. In doing so he pisses off just about everyone around him, including his manager, Parky (Harry Parke), and his bandleader, Gil Whitney (Who also later joins him). His girlfriend, Rita Edwards (Mary Healy), who's also Whitney's other band singer is more sympathetic.

During basic training he befriends fellow private Butch and just wants to serve out his time and help fight the war, only he's waylaid by a pair of wealthy women, Vicki (Lynn Starr) and her mother Flora (Jane Novak), who want him to star in a benefit show with Whitney's band and singers, now under the leadership of his long-suffering arranger Sammy (Jackie Heller). The big show never happens because the men in Bob's unit get called to combat before it can be staged,.Vicki, makes her play for Bob but he and Rita patch up their differences and end up together just before he ships out.