Border Vengeance


Rancher John Preston is murdered by land-grabber Flash Purdue, who then lays the blame on "Old Man" Benson and his two worthless sons Bud and Jim. The Bensons escape to Mexico while a third son, Peeler heads north to join the rodeo circuit, but not before putting a bullet through Purdue's left ear lobe. Peeler becomes a top rodeo hand known as "The Muley Kid" and five years later, in response to a fake ad signed by his sweetheart Sally Griswold but actually placed by Purdue, Peeler returns. There, he finds himself involved in a revenge-crazed plot against the Griswolds and Peeler by Purdue,who has returned to the territory disguised as an old man. One of the "great" acting-and-line delivery moments in B-western film history comes when Peeler figures out that Purdue is the disguised man and says..."why, it's Flash Purdue!" It really has to be heard to be appreciated. Young June Bupp (sister of Tommy and Sonny Bupp) is credited with and plays the role of June Griswold, but some source that evidently can't read and doesn't know one actress from another thinks the role was played by June Brewster.