The Arizona Gunfighter


Young Colt Ferron, avenging the ruthless murder of his father, is wounded and flees for his life. He is rescued in the badlands bu Wolf Whitson, leader of the notorious Jackpine Mountain outlaws. Colt joins the gang and a bond like father and son grows between him and Wolf. The latter announces he is disbanding his gang, makes the members swear never to ride again as the Jackpine gang, gives Colt a ranch and disappears. Colt makes his ranch prosper and falls in love with Beth Lorimer, the niece of an adjoining-ranch family. Word comes that the Jackpine Mountain gang is riding again. Colt is shocked and believes his benefactor is leading the gang. But he finds out the gang is now being led by "Snake" BRandt, and this Wolf is serving time in the state prison for the killing that Colt did. Colt goes to the state governor and requests a pardon for Wolf and promises they will roundup the gang.