The Lady Confesses


While on the verge of being divorced, Norma Craig disappears. Seven years later, when her husband , Larry Craig, plans to marry Vicki McGuire, she returns and tells Vicki that she nor anybody else can marry Larry. The latter visits Club 7-11 and goes to the office of club-owner Lucky Brandon who reproaches him for drinking too much. Larry goes to the dressing room of club-singer Lucille Compton and goes to sleep while she is on stage singing. He is still there when she returns and he goes to his apartment, where Vicki telephones him with the news that Norma has returned. Norma is found murdered by strangulation and both Vicki and Larry are questioned by homicide-squad Captain Brown but Vicki has an air-tight alibi and Lucille confirms Larry's presence in her dressing room, though Brandon denies seeing Larry at the club. The denial leads Vicki to believe that Brandon is implicated and she gets a job at the club as a photographer. That night, Lucille is murdered and Vicki is positive that Brandon is guilty. She finds a letter left by Vicki in her dressing room addressed to Captain Brown and Vicki excitedly calls Larry to tell him about the unopened letter. Big mistake.