Demons Among Us


DEMONS AMONG US is a dark and creepy horror set in rural Victoria, Australia on the eve of Christmas in the small isolated town of Miranda Falls. Joe Melton has just moved into town, retreating from the hectic life of the city to write his thesis on the dangers of advertising and mass consumption.

Miranda Falls is a beautiful and quiet country town, but not for long! Joe soon discovers an evil presence lurking both in the dark forest and in his home. Being chased by demons and suspected of murder, Joe becomes a man on the run. The only other person to witness the devil's work first hand is a local girl by the name of Kylie Fitzgerald. She is unwillingly swept up in Joe's desperate plight and together they must try to survive the ensuing horror.

Ed Winters, a psychotic advertising executive living in America, is drawn back to this small Aussie town to investigate the brutal murder of his ex-wife and family, only to find the devil himself. While Joe battles the demons that have taken over the town, the devil must convince Ed to be its host for world domination; Who else but the greatest liar of all time.

What lies in the darkness, and what does it want? Demonsamongus is an exercise in fear and desperation in a world consumed by brands, logos and cliches.