In Old Caliente


Roy Rogers, trusted employee of Don Jose Vargas, is returning from Sacramento with $40,000 as the proceeds from selling the Don's cattle. Roy meets Carlos Vargas a few miles from the Hacienda, and gives him the money. A group of bandits attack Carlos and steal the money and he, badly wounded, manages to ride to his father with the news. Manuel Delgado, major-domo of the ranch and secret head (as Sujarto) of the bandit ring, convinces Don Jose that the members of an American wagon train camped nearby are guilty. Roy learns they are emigrants led by his old friend and teacher, wagon train scout Gabby Whittaker, and he rides to stop Delgado. Don Jose thinks Roy has taken sides against the Spanish, and orders him not to set foot on the ranch again. Roy joins the wagon train, and he and Gabby chance upon the bandit's hideout, seize the gold and start to take it to Don Jose. Delgado, learning what has happened, has Roy captured and taken to the Don as the culprit caught with the goods. He and Gabby are locked in the Hacienda cellar. Jean Marshall, Gabby's niece, comes to the ranch to prove the innocence of Roy and Gabby, and convinces Don Jose to talk to them. Delgado sneaks up from behind, kills Don Jose and throws the gun at Roy's feet. The household members come up on the scene, accuse Roy of murder and make plans to lynch him. Roy escapes through the efforts of Don Jose's daughter, Rita, who does not believe he is guilty. Carlos Vargas goes in pursuit, swearing vengeance.