You Belong to Me


A bored and wealthy playboy, Peter Kirk, meets Dr. Helen Hunt at a ski resort, as the result of an arranged-accident by him. They are married before the snow covers that day's ski-tracks, but trouble is brewing when, because his bride is so busy with her profession, they do not even spend their wedding night together. Peter, with time and money and no profession spends his time alone in the family mansion, while his wife continues her night-and-day work. He begins to work up a fit of jealousness when he notices that most of his wife's patients are male and handsome. He decides to go to work himself and gets a job as a clerk in a department store, which only lasts long enough for writer Dalton Trumbo to insert one of his workers-unite messages, and the store workers do indeed unite and demand that Peter be fired because he doesn't need the job. He then, proving that he indeed did not need the job, buys a hospital that he and his bride can manage together.