Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs


On the small island of Swallow Falls, the outcast boy Flint Lockwood(Bill Hader) is a clumsy inventor encouraged by his mother. However the island is not capable of exporting their sardine stocks, and the locals end up having to eat it all the time. Years later, Flint's mother dies and his skeptical father Tim Lockwood(James Caan), an old fisherman who has a sardine store, gives Flint a partnership in his store and invites him to work there with him. But Flint, being the inventor that he is, has just invented a food processor that converts water into food. And He decides to test it out... but things don't go according to plan and he manages to launch it into the atmosphere. It begins to rain hamburgers and other food in the island. A television station sends a weather reporter trainee (Sam Sparks(Anna Faris)) to cover the phenomenon and Flint becomes famous. However, the greedy and glutton Mayor Shelbourne(Bruce Campbell) overworks the machine and the food becomes a menace to the human race.