The Mad Monster


Dr. Cameron's colleagues laughed at the brilliant scientist's theories regarding blood transfusions and drove him from his academic position in disgrace. But it will be Dr. Cameron who gets the last laugh. Hidden in a decaying mansion in the swamplands with his dutiful daughter, Lorena, and his simple-minded handyman, Petro, Dr. Cameron finally creates the serum that he is sure will restore his honor. Using Petro as his guinea pig, he proves that a man can be turned into a werewolf. Werewolves are powerful yet mindless beasts who lust to kill. What could be more perfect than an army of werewolves to fight the Axis powers? But before Dr. Cameron sends his serum to the War Department, he has a little score to settle with the scientists who humiliated him. Unfortunately, Lenora's boyfriend, Tom Gregory, is a very nosy reporter who asks a lot of questions, all of which lead back to the vengeful scientist.