Fantastic Four


Reed Richards(Ioan Gruffudd) is a brilliant scientist who along with friend, muscle-man Ben Grimm( Michael Chiklis) seeks funding for a experimental space mission to study cosmic radiation, from rich and powerful businessman Victor Von Doom(Julian McMahon). Agreeing, Victor sets up a space station in orbit around Earth for Richards to begin his experiment. Joined by cocky Johnny Storm(Chris Evans) and his sexy sister, Reed's ex girlfriend Susan(Jessica Alba) who is Victor's girlfriend, Reed and Ben arrive on the space station to begin the experimental space mission, which goes wrong, when they exposed to a cosmic radiation which alters their D.N.A. Returning to Earth, they find the cosmic radiation has given them superhuman powers. But the disaster of the space mission has caused Victor to go bankrupt and he vows vengeance on Reed, where he bids for world domination and sets out to get unleash hell by using his powers by controlling electricity that are slowly turning his skin into metal.Reed, Ben, Susan and Johnny combine their super-powers and become a team of super heroes known as "The Fantastic Four" and are the only ones who can defeat Victor Von Doom and foil his evil plans