Prairie Pals


Frontier Marshal Lee Powell (Lee Powell) sends deputy marshals Bill Boyd (Bill 'Cowboy Rambler' Boyd) and Art Davis (Art Davis) to learn the whereabouts of scientist Wainwright (J. Merrill Holmes) who has been missing for months after developing a formula for manufacturing gold from the vanadium ore found on the land belonging to Hank Stoner (Al St. John, uncredited). They join an outlaw gang they suspect. Powell arrives in town to find that the sheriff (Karl Hackett) suspects saloon-owner Ace Shannon (I. Stanford Jolley) of being the brains behind the gang. The ranchers, led by Lee, gather together to resist the outlaw's attacks on them. Bill and Art tip them off on pending raids, and Shannon orders Mitchell (Charles King), his chief henchman, to get rid of Lee. The latter decoys Shannon to a ranch and starts breaking him down to get a confession. Art and Bill trail a shipment of chemicals to an old mine shaft where the imprisoned Wainwright, and his daughter Betty (Wanda McKay), are being held prisoners by Mitchell and other gang members.