Uptown New York


Pat and Max are in love and share an intimate relationship. However, after Max receives his surgeon's diploma, his parents have arranged a marriage for him with a woman from a rich, good background. He marries that woman but occasionally bumps into Pat, explaining how he actually loves her instead of his wife. Heartbroken, Pat later meets Eddie (a gumball machine salesman), who proposes marriage, which she accepts. In a hotel bridal suite, Pat mentions her previous relationship to Eddie, and mentions that he can walk out on her if he wants, he is OK with it. Later, While attempting to stop two teenagers from robbing one of Eddie's gumball machine, she runs across the street without looking and is struck by a truck. She is in the hospital awaiting surgery. Eddie, chooses Max as the surgeon and, later while Pat is in her hospital bed, overhears Max's conversation with Pat about their love, and his decision to divorce his wife, he will take Pat to Vienna to get well, and they will get married. Eddie decides to walk out on Pat as he believes that she is going to run off with Max. Through complications (and a fight) over Eddie's attempt to pay Pat's hospital bill by selling his company which he only owns half of (Pat owns the other half), he ends up in jail. Pat runs to the jail and explains the misunderstanding and proclaims her love for Eddie.