Robot & Frank


It tells the story of relationship between a retired burglar and a household appliance more relentless than an alarm clock. Frank is a man who lives alone in New York and is somewhere along the slope into dementia. He's still able to feed and care for himself and walk into town to get books from the library, but he's becoming forgetful. Just how forgetful we don't realize at first.

There is a sleek white robot, about 5 feet tall, who has been programmed as a care-giver. The robot has no name, but he's handy around the house. At first, Frank is merely annoyed by Robot, but eventually he discovers the little fella can he trained for useful tasks. Frank is a heavy-duty reader of books, There is unhappy news: The library's books will be replaced by digital devices, by an oily local software tycoon named Jake. Jake is Frank's neighbor, his wife appears at a benefit draped with diamonds, and Frank enlists Robot for a little burglary.