Godzilla 2000


This movie ignores all the other Godzilla movies except the original. Godzilla has attacked Japan twice more in the 60's-80's after his first appearance. Now it's 1999, and the Godzilla Prediction Network (GPN) is studying and tracking Godzilla when he appears on the coast of Nemuro. He completely destroys the city. Earlier that week, a 60 million year old rock was discovered. Without warning it begins to float and heads for a meeting with Godzilla in Tokai Mura. Godzilla uses his ultra-powerful fire breath (incredibly stronger than in the first movies) and breaks the rocks to reveal a UFO!!! The UFO blows Godzilla back into the sea with a hyperblaster but lands and ceases all activities due to the damage caused by Godzilla. Later, the UFO takes off for Shinjuku where the final battle between the UFO and Godzilla takes place. The UFO transforms into a monster dubbed Orga and resumes attacks on Godzilla. Can Godzilla defeat the strange alien creature? What other tricks do these titans have up their sleeves?