Dallas Buyers Club


Ron Woodruff is a man living in Texas in 1985. He drinks, does drugs and sleeps with women, a real alpha male. When he gets injured at work, he is brought to the hospital and as a procedure, they test his blood and when they get the result, they tell him that he has the HIV virus which causes AIDS. They tell him that he has maybe a year or two. He doesn't believe them because like most people at the time, he thinks only homosexuals get the disease. When he gets worse, he learns of the drug AZT which can treat the disease. But it's not available to the public so he finds someone who works in a lab and pays him to provide him with it. But when he tells Woodruff he can't get it anymore, Woodruff needs it so he tells Woodrff of a doctor in Mexico who treats people with AIDS. Woodruff goes there and finds the doctor who treats him. After awhile, Woodruff is doing better. The doctor tells him that he doesn't use AZT because it only makes things worse, so he uses his own remedies. Woodruff decides to sell the doctors meds in the US which the medical community refuses to accept. He finds people who want it and business is booming. Eventually the government tries to stop him but he finds a way around them.