Elvis Gratton 2


The sprit of Elvis Presley is alive and well somewhere in the French portion of Canada in this broad comedy from Quebec. Though Elvis impersonator Bob Gratton (Julien Poulin) died at the end of the film Elvis Gratton, Le King Des Kings, as this one kicks off Bob has mysteriously risen from the grave. Taken to a hospital for tests, Bob seems remarkably chipper, considering the fact his brain is displaying no activity at all. Bob and his best friend Meo (Yves Trudel), who doesn't speak, head out to the country for a well-deserved rest after Bob's 14 years in a coffin. However, their pastoral idyll is interrupted by Donald Bill Clinton (Barry Blake), a shifty agent from the United States who fast talks Bob into signing a deal that will put him on the road to fame and fortune. Suddenly Bob is making like Elvis at concert halls around the world while a French filmmaker is dispatched to make a movie about his life (or whatever it is he's leading now)