Hank Cooper the owner of a football team that's not doing so well and stands to lose the team to Charles Gwynn who lent Cooper the money he needed to keep the team afloat. Cooper makes a bet with Gwynn if the team can win half the games he keeps the team. Which is 7 games which is more than the number of games they have won in the past few years. That's when Gynn makes a different bet. Saying if a team can go from 0 to 7 can probably win their division, and if a team can do that, they can probably win the super bowl. Eventually Cooper learns of a mule named Gus from Yugoslavia that can kick a ball 100 yards away. He brings the mule and Andy, the boy who takes care of him over to be a novelty act but it isn't long that he makes Gus a part of the team. And they start winning. Gynn worried that they just might win tells his guy Wilson to handle it so he hires two ex-cons Spinner and Crankcase to keep Gus from being at any future games or make sure he can't kick.