A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof


Tim is a con man and Harry a miner that is mostly gullible and falls in with Tim's various plans. The pair meet when Tim is burying the victims of a gang of cutthroats killed by a gang led by a vicious killer named Roger Pratt. Tim leads Harry into one after another failed 'businesses' in order to pay him back for fleecing him out of his gold early in the movie. Harry wants his gold back.

The pair joins a funeral party when the Pratt gang is closing in. When he gets an eye on the beautiful widow, Dorothy MacDonald(Magda Konopka), he tells another lie to Harry, that her husband stole two hundred bags of gold and was the only one of the gang that didn't end up in prison. Only he could get the location out of the widow. His charm works as he's dallying with the widow while conning Harry into digging up the gold, having gotten the hiding spot from her.

Finally arriving at the ranch, even more dilapidated than Harry had imagined, the pair set about repairing it. And the gang s closing in, joined by now by Pratt's father, Samuel(Anthony Dawson). That's where the showdown is staged.