The Hangover Part III


Alan Garner's latest mishap with his new pet giraffe gets him in some very deep trouble. So deep that his father has a heart attack and dies in the middle of lecturing Alan about owning up to his mistakes. While at the funeral, the Wolfpack reunites. Alan's mother informs them that he has gone off his ADHD medication and is completely out of control. So the four of them stage an intervention and send Alan to a rehab facility in Arizona. On the way there, their car is rammed off the road by a guy named Marshall. It turns out that very night four years ago when Alan bought roofies on the night of Doug's bachelor party, he inadvertently stalled a gold heist worth $42 million.]Marshall wants it back, and has kidnapped Doug in order to send a message to the Wolfpack. Their mutual acquaintance Leslie Chow, who made off with half that gold, that very night, has escaped from a Thai prison and has headed back to North America. But it appears that only Alan knows the location of where Mr. Chow is headed. And that sends the Wolfpack to Tijuana, Mexico, and then back to Las Vegas. Can he foil the plot and make everything right for the Wolfpack? And will Alan finally meet his dream girl?