Three Fugitives


Daniel Lucas, who was recently released from prison after being there because of 14 bank robberies, walks into a bank to start an account, then Ned Perry walks into the bank and tries to rob the place, taking Lucas hostage. Detective Dugan, knowing Lucas's history, assumes that Lucas and Ned are pulling the heist together. With no choice in the matter, Lucas is forced to engineer their getaway. Complicating the situation further is Ned's 6-year-old daughter Meg, who has been mute since the death of her mother. With his bank account depleted, Ned loves Meg so much that he has robbed the bank to get enough money to get Meg the psychiatric care she needs, and so he can have enough money to have custody of Meg and raise her. Meg loves Ned, and finds herself drawn to Lucas as well. While they are on the lam from the cops, the three of them begin to bond as a makeshift family.